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Crochet Artist:

Faye Serrano

Crocheting little treasures since 2022, Life long crochet lover and curator of little treasures.

Hi! I’m Faye

Thank you so much for checking out my bio. I am 16 and I started crocheting when I was 12 but never really stuck with it until 2021 when I needed something to calm my anxiety. I fell in love with crocheting and started buying patterns to turn them into my own unique characters with their own personalities, lives, and gifts!  That’s when the Fruit Pixies and Mushroom boys were first born.

I decided to start my own shop in December of 2022. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and have something that was my own. With the help of my mom and grandmother I created Fairy Stitches, a shop where I create handcrafted treasures and gifts to bring small joys to people’s everyday lives. I hope you love what you find here and am excited to start my journey with all of you!

 ~Faye Serrano ♥


My Love of Crochet

My favorite creations to date are definetly my Mushroom Boys. They are so cute and fun to create! I create 9 individual pieces and sew them on by hand. Including each little white circle on the red tops. A complete labor of love and 100% worth it. LOOK how CUTE they are!!!!

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